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Become a Calvert Partner


Top 5 Reasons to Partner With Calvert

Keep your money in
your district budget

The Calvert Partner Program can retain 50% or more of your funding per student compared to other outsourced virtual school providers. Calculate what you could save.

Serve all of
your students

Calvert can help develop and deliver individualized curricula for students who need it outside of the classroom environment, and help manage the transition from classroom to virtual and vice-versa.

Help your teachers
develop professionally

Calvert gives your teachers a comprehensive curriculum of professional development designed to make them highly functional virtual instructors, and supports them to ensure success.

Achieve measureable outcomes

Calvert's time-tested, accredited curriculum has roots that go back 100 years, and is used by over 600,000 students worldwide to achieve measureable results aligned with your standards and priorities.

Get comprehensive support

Calvert provides a complete end-to-end solution to attract, enroll, manage, and support students and families, while you maintain complete control over all programs and activities.